Asia Chess is a directory of chess related resources and information and other general games and gaming focused websites.

Asian Chess Websites

Tournaments, events and other Asian chess related information.

Fantastic site for Middle-East and Asian related chess info.

Other Chess Websites

One of the most complete resources to help players understand chess.

Learn chess and play on your mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

This page provides chess strategies and information on improving your game.

Somewhat unusual but rather interesting variation on standard chess.

Find paid and free chess courses here at Classpert.

Other Games Websites

Website committed to board games. Provides rankings, sell board games and more.

Modern website that provides board game reviews, features and much more.

Likely the most comprehensive of the board games focused websites I've seen.

Casino Gaming Websites

Another fantastic website that focuses on providing Kiwi players with casino info.

Provides information to fans of online casinos with listings of the best options for play.

Chess and Games Information

The Asia Chess website has become a passion project of mine and has become a directory featuring a collection of websites that cater to chess and gaming. The chess websites found here on my site are those that I recommend to both Asian players as well as individuals in search for information pertaining to chess in general. There are many great chess websites out there related to the topic of chess. If you search google for chess or alternatively visit the following page on the DMOZ directory you'll find numerous chess websites. If you're looking for something specific I do recommend DMOZ as there you'll even find links to sites in different languages.

My passion for chess and games of all types started at a very young age and has evolved quite a bit since I was a youngster. A lot of my interest now not because I have a problem but because I genuinely enjoy playing is in the area of chance gaming. Particularly I've been enjoying playing at many online gaming sites particularly casinos and poker rooms for some time. If you're wondering why I've created a section here on my site pertaining to online casino type gambling this is why. I find that I can get immediate enjoyment by playing blackjack, video poker and related games online.

I understand that my site does not cover all sites or all gaming topics so if you have some suggestion for me of sites that you think I might like to feature here please send me an e-mail to: and I will do my best to respond to you in a reasonable amount of time.